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The site was awesome! This website was easy to use, simple to set up, and I got great results fast. I was able to negotiate a payment plan without talking to a hateful (no offense) collections person and felt great that I was taking care of the debt.

Elizabeth P., Decatur, AL

I just can’t believe I was able to negotiate a great deal online. I picked one of the deals my creditor offered and saved a ton of money. The best part is once I set up my payments, the collection company stopped calling. What a huge relief! Thank you!

Ashley W., Newtown, IL

My hours got cut and it’s been hard paying my bills. When I received a letter from a collection company to visit the site, I figured I’d give it a shot. To my surprise, I was able to set up a payment that I could afford! It feels really good to have a payment I can actually afford.

Brad H., Arlington, TX

Pay balance in full if you can

Pay off your debt in one payment or over affordable monthly installments. Once all payments are received by your creditor, your credit report will reflect a "Paid-in-Full" status.

Flexible Payment Plan

Affordable monthly payments available

Optional Payment Deferment

Schedule payment when affordable

Easy Payment Setup

Online, hassle free and simple

Negotiate to pay less if cannot pay in full

Cannot pay balance in full? Negotiate with your creditor's online to resolve your debt for less than you owe. Make an offer; receive an instant response. If your offer is not accepted, you’ll receive immediate counter offers. Make additional offers until you reach a deal you like.

Choose Monthly or Total

Select a monthly payment or the total amount, your choice.

Make offers that fit
your budget

Select how much you can afford monthly and the number of payments

Make offers easily

Receive an approval or counter offers instantly from the creditor .

Convenient features you’ll appreciate

Stop Collection Calls
creditor agrees to stop collection calls as long as
payments are made on time
Flexible Payment Options
Choose to pay in one payment or over several months
Easy Payment Methods
Credit/Debit Cards or direct Checking or Savings
account withdrawal accepted
Instant Negotiation
Make offers to your creditor and get an immediate response

Resolve debt over time if unable to negotiate a deal


Amount of debt being resolved
in UGotiate.

Unable to make a deal today? Whether you have money right now or not, there is another way to resolve your problem debt. UGotiate is an affordable web site designed to help resolve your debt over time. Transform your financial hardship into a plan to reach your goal of being debt free.

Get Started Resolving Debt
In a few easy steps, get started towards affordably resolving your debt on your own without hiring a professional service.
Create a Plan to resolve your Debt
Create a Plan based on how much you can afford. The interactive Debt O Meter shows you how realistic your Plan is. You can play with the Meter to make a Plan that is both affordable and effective enough to resolve all of your debts.
Save up money each month
Start saving for resolutions. UGotiate guides to set up a dedicated bank account for resolution funds. As your funds build up each month, UGotiate will alert you when it may be time to begin negotiations.
UGuidance every step
UGuidance is ongoing, customized recommendations, trade secrets, negotiation strategies, education and much more - all personalized for you and your mix of creditors so you can stay on track!
UGotiate your Debts!
UGotiate guides you in negotiating debts on your own. Exclusive access to: data revealing what creditors have settled for in the past, how to submit offers and counter offers, how to effectively renegotiate with your creditors and how to pay creditors safely.
Become Debt Free!
As each debt is resolved you will move closer to reaching your Goal! UGotiate will provide you tracking and monitoring to show your success! Soon, you'll worry less about debt and be free to focus on new hopes and new goals. With UGotiate, you will soon learn … Nothing feels as good as being debt free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Reference # for my account?

The Reference # should be clearly identified on the invitation or collection letter from your creditor or provided during a phone call or message. If you don’t know the Reference #, you will need to speak with the creditor directly. You can also try logging in using your Phone # instead of a Reference #.

What if my Reference # or Phone # and SSN don't work?

Confirm you have correctly entered the Reference # or Phone # and the last 4 digits of your SSN. If you still cannot log in, your information may be incorrect or the creditor's special opportunity may have expired. In that case, please contact your creditor directly to find out why you cannot log into this site. In the meantime, we invite you to browse to manage all of your problem debts.

Which option is right for me?

Only you can decide which option is best for you to resolve your debt. In reviewing the available options, make sure to select an option and payment that you truly can afford. Should you miss a payment, the agreement may be voided and full balance may be due to the creditor. Consider if you can afford to pay the full balance due today or over monthly payments. If paying in full is not affordable, even with monthly payments, offer to resolve your account for less than what you owe. If these payment options are not right for you today, review "Resolve debt over time" option to discover ways to resolve your account over time.

What if I don't have money right now?

Even if you don’t have money today, there are options to resolve your debt today. Your creditor has offered several flexible options to assist you to resolve your account today. Review the options available; consider if you can spread the payment or resolution amount over more affordable monthly installments and if you can defer the first payment. Should you not be able to reach an agreement today, there are other ways to manage and resolve your problem debt. After logging in, review the "Resolve debt over time" option to discover how you can create a plan; based on your budget, set aside money to finally resolve your problem debt.

Can I really resolve my debt for less than the balance?

Yes! All reasonable offers to resolve your account for less will be considered by your creditor. Should your creditor accept the offer, your debt will be resolved for less than you owed once all payments are received. Should your offer not be accepted, your creditor will present counter offers for you to review. Take advantage of this opportunity today, and enjoy substantial savings.

How much should I offer to resolve my debt for less?

The creditor will consider all reasonable offers. You are encouraged to start with the highest amount that you can definitely afford. You are able to submit subsequent offers should your first offer be too low for the creditor to accept. When an offer is not acceptable, the creditor will present counter offers for you to review. You can either accept one of the counter offers or present a different amount. Eventually the creditor will stop making counter offers. At which point, you are encouraged to accept one of the creditor's final offers or pursue one of the options to resolve debt over time.

What is a Counter Offer?

A counter offer is an alternative resolution amount that the creditor presents back to you, if your original offer is declined. If your proposed amount is declined, you will receive up to 3 counter offers each time, shortly after it is submitted. To resolve your debt, you can either accept one of these counter offers or present a different amount. Eventually, the creditor will stop making counter offers. At which point your options will be to accept one of these final offers or pursue one of the options to resolve debt over time.

Over how many months can I resolve my account?

The range of months is set by the creditor. The system will not allow you to set up payment arrangements beyond the range permitted by the creditor. Consider what you can realistically afford to pay each month. Remember that if you miss a payment or are late in paying, the agreement may become null and void. Make sure that you feel confident about your ability to pay the agreed upon scheduled amount each month for the entire term of the agreement.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with your major debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You may also set up direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

When are the payments withdrawn?

The first payment will be processed on the date that you select. Payments made outside the creditor's business hours, will be posted on the next business day. If more than one payment is set up, the payment will automatically occur on the same date each month thereafter. Should the payment fall on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month and that date does not exist in an upcoming month, the scheduled payment will be withdrawn on the next business day (usually the 1st of the following month). We do not send you confirmation of monthly payments.

What happens if I am late in making a monthly payment towards my resolution?

Should the creditor receive a late payment, the agreement may be considered null and void. The full balance, less any payments applied to the account, may be due. If you anticipate being late with a payment, contact the creditor directly to discuss what options may be available to you.

What happens if I miss a monthly payment after I have agreed to resolve my account for less?

Your agreement to resolve the account for less is based on all payments being received on time. Should you miss a monthly payment, the agreement with your creditor may become null and void. The full balance, less any payments applied to the account, may be due. If you anticipate missing a payment, contact the creditor directly to discuss what options may be available to you.

Will I pay taxes on the amount of debt forgiven?

We do not provide tax advice. The following is for general information purposes only. The discharge of indebtedness may be considered taxable income. Resolutions that result in debt forgiveness of an amount equal to or greater than $600 may be reported to Internal Revenue Service. As to whether you will have a tax consequence is based on your specific financial situation at the time of the account resolution. For more information, visit or seek the advice of a tax professional or other qualified advisor.